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Gas Fitting And Solar Installations In Forster-Tuncurry

If you are looking for ways to increase your home’s energy efficiency while decreasing your carbon footprint, then making the switch to gas or solar from your conventional electric appliances may be your best first step.

Many home owners discover that they can save hundreds of dollars per year just by changing their electric water heater to a gas or solar option. Not only is LPG gas much more efficient than electricity, it’s also a cleaner source of energy. Solar is even more eco-friendly and is becoming more widely available throughout Forster-Tuncurry and the surrounding areas.
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LPG gas is a very efficient energy source and is great for heating, hot water systems and excellent for cooking. It is a cleaner source of energy than most forms of electricity and can help to cut those electricity costs as well. We also can install and convert your cooking and room heating to LPG gas.
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Solar Energy


Solar powered appliances are becoming a more popular option for home and business owners throughout Australia. While the initial investment to have solar panels installed may seem like a big expense, once they are in place, solar energy costs nothing. We can offer advice and help you make a decision about a cost effective and appropriate solution for your home or business

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Our expert team has been trained in the installation of gas and solar appliances. We specialise in gas fitting and we also have the skills necessary to install solar water systems and more. We are proud to offer these eco-friendly options to our Forster customers.

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